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The Bruce Rock Engineering heavy vehicle manufacturing process is carried out completely in-house to ensure 100% quality control throughout every step. We use SSAB steel products and are part of SSAB’s Hardox in my Body and My Inner Strenx programs, providing world leading wear steels and structural steel products.

Every trailer we manufacture goes through the following process;

3D CAD DESIGN to ensure 100% accuracy and fitment we use the latest Inventor software to 3D model all components used to build each trailer. We guarantee each new design or change is dimensionally correct and fulfils our customer’s requirements. Every design is stress checked using finite element analysis (FEA) software. This allows us to simulate loadings, deflection and stress levels on parts before they are produced.

CNC MACHINING & PROFILE CUTTING Once the trailer design has been finalised and approved, the next step in the manufacturing process involves cutting steel parts using state of the art CNC laser and plasma profile cutting machines. This ensures accuracy to 0.5mm and 100% repeatability of every component.

CHASSIS RAIL FABRICATION Trailer chassis rails are fabricated using CNC profile cut web material and either flat bar or stripped plate flanges (depending on the design). These parts are then used to create the chassis rails in our automated beam welding machine. Flanges are cold formed around the profiled web and simultaneously welded using our deep penetration metal core process to Australian standard 1554.1 SP. This ensures consistent strength and weld appearance on every chassis.

TRAILER FABRICATION Once all raw materials are procured and cut to size the chassis and or body assembly can commence. All parts, materials and sub-assemblies are barcode labelled for identification and traceability. Fabrication is done to strict procedures and quality standards by our experienced and qualified trades people. Higher volume parts are made in custom jigs, while special and one off parts are fabricated from 3D drawings. Each assembly is checked and signed off once tacked together, again after welding and again when finished.

BLAST & PAINT After the chassis, body and componentry have left the fabrication shop they proceed to abrasive blast and painting. All items are abrasive blasted to class 2.5 in our onsite booth, they are then checked and moved into one of the paint booths. Here all parts are primed with a two pack epoxy primer, allowed to dry and then sanded smooth and sealed for top coat. At the final coating stage, our experienced trades-people top coat to the required colour in two pack polyurethane gloss finish. Each item is again inspected and signed off ready for assembly.

ASSEMBLY AND FIT OUT The final stage of the trailer building process involves the assembly and fitment of all materials, fabricated parts and components. This includes axles, suspension, brake system, hydraulics, lights, mud guards etc. Bruce Rock Engineering differs from most other manufactures in that we assemble everything after it is painted and not beforehand. This ensures a better finished product with a longer life as there are no areas of bare steel. Once all components are fitted the trailers are tested to ensure everything works correctly and that there are no leaks in any systems. Finally bolt tensions are checked and signed off. The trailer is now ready for licensing and delivery to the customer.

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