Rolling Out The Rollback

Cold Core MSC Rollback
Rolling Out The Rollback

As featured in Trailer Magazine.

Bruce Rock Engineering has expanded its Cold Core MSC range of refrigerated trailers to include a 12-pallet rollback B-double lead trailer. Strong, light-tare ultra high-tensile steel chassis and class-leading thermal efficiency are big drawcards.

Since launching its Cold Core MSC 45’ refrigerated trailer at the Brisbane Truck Show last year, Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) has been busy developing a number of variants including rollback lead trailers for B-double operation.

Other available versions include a 48’ (24-pallet) van along with Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved units including 30m A-doubles and longer quad-axle semi-trailers.

The company is also able to custom-build units to individual client requirements and deliver its products Australia-wide through its national dealer network.

With low tare weight and extremely high thermal efficiency performance, the Cold Core MSC refrigerated trailer range by BRE has been designed and tested to operate under the harshest of conditions – typified by mid-summer temperatures in excess of 500°C in outback Australia.

BRE is the sole Australian distributor for Wabash National, North America’s largest trailer manufacturer, which produces the Moulded Structural Composite (MSC) panels that are imported by BRE and assembled to make the Cold Core MSC bodies at its manufacturing facilities in Bruce Rock and Forrestfield, Western Australia.

According to BRE, Cold Core MSC van bodies are capable of maintaining temperatures as low as minus 30°C and the company says thermal performance testing undertaken by Supercool in Brisbane to AS4982 standards on a 45’ (22 pallet) van revealed a coefficient of insulative effectiveness or K Value of 0.44 W/m2K. This is claimed to be the best thermal efficiency result ever achieved by an Australian manufactured refrigerated trailer.

“Many Australian freight operators are familiar with the Wabash name and the benefits that weight reductions in its products can have in increasing their payload capacities,” says Damion Verhoogt, Bruce Rock Engineering Managing Director.

“We are now able to bring the same reliability, temperature control and weight performance to our new Cold Core MSC 12-pallet rollback lead trailer, which also features outstanding build quality, a comprehensive options list and smooth gloss sides that Australian operators demand.”

According to Damion, the Cold Core MSC is a game-changer in the industry, with 25 per cent better thermal efficiency than the conventional Wabash Arctic Lite reefer.

He says the same efficiency gain can be expected from the new 12-pallet rollback compared to its Arctic Lite equivalent. “This gain is increased to 50 per cent better than some rival products, which is based on field test data, not just theory.”

BRE’s new Cold Core MSC 24’ (7.2m) 12-pallet, tri-axle rollback lead trailer incorporates a raft of features designed
to make it as efficient and productive as possible.

For a start, the full-length chassis is auto-fabricated from Strenx 700 ultra high tensile steel which ensures strength and light tare weight. Following construction, it is abrasive blasted prior to being epoxy primed and 2-pack paint coated for ultimate corrosion protection.

The body deployment system features three air-operated lock positions and a rack-and-pinion drive mechanism which is said to be lighter and contain fewer moving parts, leading to superior reliability and lower tare weight compared with conventional chain drive units.

There’s also a choice of axle and suspension configurations from a number of brands including BPW, Fuwa K-Hitch and Hendrickson.

Either drum or disc brakes can be specified, controlled by WABCO ADR 38/05-compliant multi-volt EBS with a yard release function.

Fifth wheel options include ball-race and fixed plate styles – either greased or greaseless plate – from a variety of manufacturers.

Wheel choice includes Alcoa or BRE forged polished alloy wheels with 11R 22.5” tyres, while a dual spare tyre carrier is standard.

The single-piece moulded structural composite floor, roof and front wall panels have an insulation thickness of 100mm,
while the side wall insulation thickness is 40mm.

The body features a white gelcoat seamless interior with bonded 300mm wide aluminium side scuff bands and a knurled aluminium flat floor with a 7.0t forklift rating.

Front cold air return bulkhead, guard and pallet stops along with three rows of Ancra F Channel galvanised logistic track ensure load security.

A stainless steel rear frame and bumper house 75mm thick barn doors with double stainless steel lock rods, four-finger seals, a three-chamber air lock and emergency interior release mechanism.

Exterior aesthetics are enhanced by the gloss Ice White gelcoat MSC panel surfaces complimented by mill bright alloy perimeter extrusions and polished stainless steel trims.

Either polished stainless steel mudguards or Truckmate plastic radius mudguards can be specified and the front wall is prepped for either Thermo King or Carrier thermal control units (TCU).

“BRE combines premium materials and components with stringent quality controls to ensure high-quality products that deliver sustained profitability for our clients,” Damion Verhoogt says.

“The Cold Core MSC range continues this philosophy of combining global technology, research and development with Australian knowledge and expertise to bring to market a refrigerated trailer that has superior thermal efficiency, uses less fuel and reduces operating costs.”

The availability of a 12-pallet rollback lead trailer means operators can now extrapolate these benefits with a complete Cold Core MSC 26m B-double combination, offering the potential to save significant sums in running costs over the longer term.

For further information on our Cold Core MSC range, contact us today.

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